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Legal currency

  • $ USD
  • ¥ CNY
  • KRW
  • ¥ JPY
  • EUR
  • RUB
  • £ GBP
  • VND
Platform superiority
  • Mixed contract

    The country's top hybrid contract trading platform-no need to exchange currency, any currency settlement profit

  • Asset segregation

    Fully cold wallet system, industry-leading security-multi-terminal isolation to ensure asset security

  • Excellent liquidity

    Excellent liquidity,100% risk reserve-excellent market depth, multiple mines guarantee trading liquidity

  • Global service

    Global market free trading 24 hours non-stop-full platform 24-hour trading volume 100 million USDT

  • Technical team

    100-person technical team-team members are composed of JPMorgan Chase & Co,NYSE, Binance, Alibaba, and Tencent

  • User

    2000+ User online transactions-the total number of service users More than 300,000+

  • Safe operation

    800 days of safe operation-perfect risk control system

  • Professional service

    Gold Service Team-1V1 Exclusive Customer Service System

Strategic Partners
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